Berlin School on Neutron Scattering

The aim of the school is to provide an introduction to neutron scattering with an emphasis on hands-on, practical experience.

The school combines a lecture course on specific neutron scattering techniques with a series of hands on practical exercises on seven different neutron instruments  which the students perform in small groups. There are also lectures on how neutrons are used to tackle problems in specific subject areas e.g. engineering, chemistry, biology and physics.

The objective of the school is to give a broad overview of what can be achieved by neutron scattering rather than specializing in a particular technique.

Our goal is for the students to understand how neutron scattering can help them in their current research and also have an appreciation of the scope of neutron scattering and how it may be useful to them in the future.

Lecture course at Berlin Technical University

In WS 2018/19 we offer a lecture on experimental techniques of neutron diffraction. Extract from the university calendar of TU Berlin:

Neutronenstreuung I

3231 L 150, Vorlesung, 3.0 SWS

Di, wöchentl, 14:00 - 16:00, 16.10.2018 bis 13.02.2019, EW 182, Siemensmeyer, Lake

Inhalt: Mit Hilfe der Neutronenstreuung lassen sich orts- und zeitabhängige Fluktuationen auf mikroskopischer Skala ausmessen. Daraus erhält man grundlegende Aussagen über diese wichtigen Prozesse, aus denen sich wichtige Systemgrößen und Systemeigenschaften ableiten und verstehen lassen.

Bemerkung Wahlpflichtfach Neutronenstreuung

3231 L 150, Übung, 1.0 SWS

Mi, wöchentl, 13:00 - 14:00, 17.10.2017 bis 14.02.2019, EW 114, Siemensmeyer, Lake