Operation and upgrading instruments at the research reactor BER

Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials: Neutron scattering instrumentation at BER

The institute "Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials" (EM-IQM) contributes to the program "From Materials to Matter and Life" (MML), topic "Neutrons for Research on Condensed Matter", by operating and continuously upgrading several instruments at the research reactor BER (LK II BER). The special expertise of the department lies in the measurement of extremely weak Bragg reflections or diffuse scattering and in determining magnetically ordered structures of single crystals under extreme conditions like high magnetic field or high pressure. All instruments are operated by scientists who pursue their own research projects in the field of magnetism.

Neutron scattering instruments operated by EM-IQM

InstrumentInstrument Scientists
E2Flat-Cone Diffractometer Jens-Uwe Hoffmann
Manfred Reehuis
Fabiano Yokaichiya
E42-Axis-Diffractometer Karel Prokes
Fabiano Yokaichiya
E54-Circle Diffractometer Manfred Reehuis