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Operando X-ray Radiography

First operando X-ray Radiography of a Li/S cell

A novel multidimensional operando setup was designed to investigate the complex processes in Li/S cells during charging/discharging with X-ray radiography.[1,2] The Figure on the right gives a view of the cell (diameter: 8 mm) in the charged and discharged state. Two different sulfur phases occur during the charging step that can be identified by their characteristic crystal habits as α-S and β-S. The formation of β-sulfur during one complete charge/discharge cycle can be seen in the video on the right. The crystallization and dissolution of sulfur can directly be correlated with charge-transfer processes identified by impedance spectroscopy. To the best of our knowledge, our investigation is the first operando-radiography of a Li/S cell.

[1] S. Risse, C.J. Jafta, Y. Yang, N. Kardjilov, A. Hilger, I. Manke, M. Ballauff, Multidimensional operando analysis of macroscopic structure evolution in lithium sulfur cells by X-ray radiography, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18 (2016) 10630

[2] Y. Yang, S. Risse, S. Mei, C. J. Jafta, Y. Lu, C. Stöcklein, N. Kardjilov, I. Manke, J. Gong, Z. Kochovski, M. Ballauff, Binder-free carbon monolith cathode material for operando investigation of high performance lithium-sulfur batteries with X-ray radiography, Energy Storage Materials 9 (2017) 96

enlarged view

One complete charge/discharge cycle of a sufurized carbon electrode measured with X-ray radiography.