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The scientific demand for in-situ studies of dynamics in nanoscale and biological materials, materials under extreme conditions of magnetic field and pressure, and parametric studies dictate the nessesity for the instrumemnts with higher power and new instrumental options. The aim of the NEAT Upgrade is to rebuild the time-of-flight spectrometer NEAT to forty-fold intensity gain and new instrumental and sample environment capabilities.  The new instrument will provide an outstanding experimental tool for research areas of strategic importance of Helmholtz Center Berlin including magnetism, material science and soft matter.

Upgrade Goals

  • Full upgrade of the primary spectrometer consists of an advanced neutron delivery system and a new chopper system; Utilization of the new supermirrors optics for neutron transport will allow an increase of the neutron flux of up to factor of 5.
  • Full upgrade of the secondary spectrometer to increase the solid angle coverage with the use of state-of-the art linear position sensitive detectors. We are planning to increase the solid angle from 0.16p in 2004 to 1.33p in 2014 which will result in further data rate increase by factor of 8.
  • To allow for applications with the high field magnet a new detector chamber will be constructed from non-magnetic materials. Since in the old instrument position it is not possible to place detectors from both side of the sample NEAT will be relocated to the new position outside of the old neutron guide hall. For this purpose a new building will be constructed.
  • The use of position sensitive detectors will increase the space resolution available on NEAT and therefore open up the opportunity to use NEAT for study of the single crystals with high data collection speed.