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Synthesis lab

Giving technique supports for synthesis is another core-task for the chemistry lab. Concerning the requests of the users, polymerization (such as emulsion polymerization, dispersion polymerization and Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP)) can be conducted in the synthesis lab. In addition, two UV-reactors are available in the synthesis lab that photo polymerization/reaction can be also carried out as requested. We supply the service of basic characterization of the colloidal samples as well (such as pH/conductivity measurement, auto-titration, zeta-potential etc.). Special sample treatment with high vacuum oven or freeze-drying is possible. In addition, the synthesis labs are equipped with Millipore water, syringe pump, centrifuge and rotary evaporator, etc..

UV reactor system
UV reactor system 2
UV reactor system 2 L130 43191
High Vacuum Oven
Thermo SCIENTIFIC, HERAUS vacuum oven VT 6025 L131 42014
SIGMA 2-16PK L130 42013
Vortex mixer
vortex mixer (Merck Eurolab, MELB 1719) L130 42013
1) Sartorius Präzisionswaage AW-22; 2) METTLER TOLEDO PB3002-S L130 42013
Syringe Pump
KDS Model 100 Series Syringe Pump L130, L131 42013, 42014
CHRIST Gefriertrocknung ALPHA 1-2, Vacuubrand HV Pumpe L130 42013
809 Titrando Metrohm L130 42013
Rotary Evaporator
Heidolph Hei-VAP Value Rotary Evaporator L130 42013