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In 2016, the construction of the new multi-analyzer MultiFLEXX (see Fig. 1) was completed [1]. It consists of 31 angular segments that each contain 5 vertically scattering analyzers [2], which are placed one after the other in the beam path as seen in Fig. 2. The analyzers are made from pyrolytic graphite, which is highly transparent to long-wavelength neutrons. Each analyzer is set to a fixed wavelength, corresponding to final energies of 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5 meV. The 31 channels are separated by 2.5° leading to a total angular coverage of 77°. Thus, MultiFLEXX allows a large region of reciprocal space to be measured simultaneously by simply rotating the sample. Switching between FLEXX and MultiFLEXX takes only half an hour, and all usual sample environment set-ups are compatible with MultiFLEXX. An oscillating radial collimator ensures low background counts. MultiFLEXX is thus a convenient new tool for parametric overview studies of excitations as a function of field or temperature.

MultiFLEXX with oscillating radial collimator - enlarged view

Fig. 1: Photo of MultiFLEXX.

MultiFLEXX analyzers - enlarged view

Fig. 2: Schematic drawing of one angular channel of MultiFLEXX, showing the vertical scattering geometry with 5 analyzers.


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