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Neutron Methods of EM-AMCT

EM-AMCT supports the following fields of neutron research:

The Detector Laboratory supports instrument responsibles during the commissioning of new detectors and for the maintenance of all detectors across the neutron scattering instrument suite available at BER II. Helpdesk advice for all questions related to detectors and data acquisition is given to experimentalists to ensure smooth detector operation..

In Neutron Optics, compact optical elements are developed, which are used for spin polarization and analysis, collimation, focussing and energy analysis of neutron beams. This work will be continued by the company Neutron Optics Berlin GmbH (NOB) from end of 2017 on. NOB is a spin-off company of the HZB that makes HZB developments commercially available since 2000.

I the past, the powerful software package VITESS for the simulation of neutron scattering instruments and experiments has been developed. Today, it is succesfullly used for instrument design at various neutron sources.