Science with Photons

Magnetism on Elemental Time and Length Scales

Magnetic Systems on elemental time and length scales
We employ the unique capabilities of the femtosecond slicing source at BESSY II Berlin – delivering femtosecond soft X-ray pulses with variable light polarization – to obtain element-specific information with femtosecond time resolution on the microscopic processes responsible for the ultrafast magnetization dynamics. [...]

Surface dynamics and chemistry

Chemical reactions on surfaces are the key to heterogeneous catalysis. More than 75% of all industrial chemicals are produced in catalytic reactions, where most often a well-designed solid surface offers an energetic landscape to selectively break bonds on the chemical ingredients and form the bonds of the chemical products. [...]

Science Collaborations

Science Collaborations
The success of Science with Photons crucially depends on the creative spirit of excellence of the scientists and students involved. [...]