Nano-optical materials, photonic crystalline fibres, and 3-D XUV optical systems

Nanometre Optics and Technology: In-house research, Research Topic “Nanoscience and materials for information technology"

Nanoscience addresses extraordinary physical and chemical phenomena intimately related to the ultra-small dimension of specific objects. Developing of cutting-edge, interfaces with ultimate spatial and temporal resolutions HZB scientists explore fundamental material properties and processes down to the sub-nanometre length and femtosecond time scales for new developments in information technologies.

With their efforts on enhanced resolution limits in real space imaging and spectroscopy, HZB scientists are pushing the envelope on ultrafast dynamics as part of studies of nanostructure formation and functioning. They are working on developing nanooptical materials, photonic crystals, and 3-D XUV optical systems, whose functional units are made out of nanostructures and customized so as to function with unprecedented precision.
XUV optics, metrology, nanotechnology

BESSY II: metrology labs, x-ray beamlines,
nanofabrication facilities.

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Prof. Dr. Alexei Erko
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