Design, upgrade and commissioning of beamlines and spectrometers

Nanometre Optics and Technology: Research on matter with brilliant light sources

G-INT provides technical and scientific expertise and infrastructure for the research with photons at the BESSY-II storage ring. Its key mission is the design, calculation and commissioning of new beamlines and spectrometers as well as the upgrade of existing ones. This includes the supervision of future beamline teams: provision of dedicated simulation codes, assistance in the elaboration of components and technical specifications for beamlines, spatial planning inside the experimental hall, as well as the initial beamline commissioning. By using dedicated characterization techniques and instrumentation G-INT provides professional support in the characterization of beamline optical components and positioning systems under operation at BESSY II. G-INT develops and maintains devices to measure essential beamline performance parameters. Furthermore, it provides support in operating such devices during the beamline commissioning as well as during experimental campaign at BESSY II.