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Methods & Instrumentation

We have a long time expertise, a large infrastructure and a leading position in the field of design, development, production, characterisation and application of high quality optics to be used for optical systems and synchrotron radiation beamlines from IR to hard x-rays. We take care of approximately 30 operating undulator and bending magnet beamlines at the BESSY II storage ring, of which some of them have a cutting edge performance in terms of resolving power, photon flux, polarisation steering capabilities and/or small spot size. We possess a variety of in-situ diagnostical tools for controlling the ultimate beamline performance and advises the users for optimum matching of beamline and experiment. New optical designs (like the 19 successful plane grating monochromators in collimated light) have been developed in our group.

We have developed a versatile and multipurpose raytracing code RAY availabe free of charge. Our labs are equipped with clean-room areas of different quality (clean room class 10 up to 1000) and the labs have micro- and nano-processing capabilities. For characterizing high precision optics a comfortably equipped metrological laboratory for ex-situ and a soft x-ray beamline for in-situ investigations are available. This equipment is also available for outside users on a commercial basis.