Etching processes

Many established microsystems technology processes are applied in the manufacturing of gratings.

Spin Coater

Resist Bake

The substrates are spin-coated with photo resist and then dried.

Photo resist development

Substrate holder for UV exposure

After exposure e. g. to UV light, the grating structure is uncovered in one development step.


Magnetron Sputtering

After microscopic examination, the resist structure is copied into a metal structure.


Nasschemisch hergestelltes Gitter

The next step is to perform a wet-chemical transfer of the grating structure to the substrate.

Surface cleaning with oxygen plasma

Since outstanding planarity and entire particle freedom of the surfaces are of vital importance, special cleaning methods are required, like e. g. the ashing of organic materials on the surfaces via oxygen plasma. Here, too, we have a special machine equiped with a plasma chamber for this purpose.

Down-Steam-Etching Machine