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History and current status of our grating project

This page will give you a short overview of the different stages of our grating project starting with the latest breakthroughs in the manufacture of these optical elements and going backwards to the very beginning in 2011. We would like to present some interesting results on our way towards developing highly efficient precion gratings.

enlarged view

First inhouse produced grating (December 2011)

Technical data:
Quality: low
L: 8 mm
W: 45 mm
330 lines/mm

One of the first custom made blazed gratings

This is the result of a custom-designed blazed grating on a toroidal substrate realized in June 2013.

enlarged view

Highly efficient blazed test grating (February 2012)

Technical data:
L: 46 mm
W: 20 mm
650 lines/mm

Blaze: 6°

enlarged view

Surface profile - blazed grating on toroidal substrate

enlarged view

test grating for toroidal substrates

First inhouse produced grating for application at the new Optics Beamline at BESSY II

This grating was especially developed for application at the newly installed Optics Beamline at BESSY II. Realized in May 2013, we expect it to perfectly fit all our needs for future projects in research and development at this new beamline.

grafik - blazed grating plane substrate.png - enlarged view

Surface profile - blazed grating on plane substrate

enlarged view

Wave front - first order

Quality comparison of two surface structures

Below you see a comparison of two gratings, one realized at HZB and one fabricated by an oversea vendor. The images of the surface profiles illustrate an improvement of roughness from 2.0 nm rms to 0.6nm rms.

bild2 2.0nm rms surface roughness - enlarged view

surface roughness 2.0 nm rms - grating made by an overseas vendor

Technical data:
Line density:  1200 l/mm

Blaze angle:  3.0 deg.

Surface roughness:  2.0 nm rms

Top coating:  ? nm Au

Test grating for FEL tests

In March 2013, this test grating was especially produced for Free Electron Laser (FEL) tests requiring an extra flat angle.

enlarged view

Blazed test grating for FEL exposure

enlarged view

Stray light measurement - FEL test grating

First results in 2011 and 2012

This pictures show first results in the development of highly efficient precision gratings in the years 2011 and 2012.

enlarged view

Blazed test grating - December 2012

Technical data:
L: 96 mm, W: 16 mm,

600 lines/mm,

Blaze: 5.4°