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Tagungsberichte (eine Auswahl, Erstautorschaft am G-ISRF):

  • EPAC 2004: Cryogenic considerations for cw operation of TESLA-type sc cavity modules link link
  • EPAC 2004: Status of the HoBiCaT superconducting cavity test facility at BESSY link
  • EPAC 2004: RF control of the superconducting linac for the BESSY FEL link
  • EPAC 2006: Microphonics measurements in a cw-driven TESLA-type cavity link
  • EPAC 2006: Characterization of a piezo-based microphonics compensation system at HoBiCaT link
  • EPAC 2006: First RF tests in the HoBiCaT superconducting test facility at BESSY link
  • EPAC 2008: Full characterization of the piezo blade tuner for superconducting RF cavties (collaboration) link
  • SRF 2003: HoBiCaT--A test facility for superconducting RF systems link
  • SRF 2005: Vertical and Horizontal Test Results of TESLA Cavities for BESSY link
  • SRF 2007: Microphonics in cw TESLA cavities and their compensation with fast tuners link
  • SRF 2007: Investigation of passive stabilization- and different tuning systems for TESLA cavities with respect to cw operation link
  • SRF 2007: Cavity and linac RF and detuning control simulations link
  • SRF 2007: CW Operation of Superconducting TESLA Cavities link
  • SRF 2007: Review of SRF linac-based FELs link
  • SRF 2009: Warm Test of a Modified TTF-III Input Coupler up to 10 kW CW RF-power link
  • SRF 2009: Manipulating the Intrinsic Quality Factor by Thermal Cycling and Magnetic Fields link
  • SRF 2009: Highly Stable IOT Based 1,3 GHz / 16KW RF Power Source for CW Operated SC Linac link
  • SRF 2011: RF and SRF layout of BERLinPro link
  • SRF 2011: CW Measurements of Cornell LLRF System at HoBiCaT link
  • SRF 2011: Study of trapped magnetic flux in superconducting Niobium samples link
  • SRF 2011: Improving the intrinsic quality factor of SRF cavities by thermal cycling link
  • SRF 2011: SRF Photoinjector tests at HoBiCaT link
  • SRF 2013: Towards a 100mA superconducting RF photoinjector at HZB
  • SRF 2013: Influence of Cooldown on Cavity Quality Factor
  • SRF 2013: Development of an Optimized Quadrupole Resonator at HZB
  • SRF 2013: High Resolution Surface Resistance Studies
  • SRF 2013: High Q0 Research: The Dynamics of Flux Trapping in SC Niobium
  • PAC 2005: CW operation of the TTF-III input coupler link
  • PAC 2005: Performance of TESLA Cavities After Fabrication and Preparation in Industry link
  • PAC 2011: RF Systems for Superconducting Linacs link
  • FEL 2006: Characterisation of microphonics in HoBiCaT link
  • ERL 2007: Measurement and compensation of microphonics in cw-operated TESLA-type cavities link
  • LINAC 2008: Influence of piezo-hysteresis and resolution on cavity tuning link
  • LINAC 2008: Successful Qualification of the Coaxial Blade Tuner link
  • LINAC 2010: CW Superconducting RF Photoinjector Development for Energy Recovery Linacs link
  • LINAC 2010: SRF and Cryomodule R+D for ERL's link
  • LINAC 2010: BERLinPro - A Compact Demonstrator ERL for High Current and Low Emittance Beams link
  • LINAC 2012: Results and Performance Simulations of the Main Linac Design for BERLinPro (Verbundforschung) proc. in preparation
  • LINAC 2012: Photoinjector SRF Cavity Development for BERLinPro proc. in preparation
  • LLRF 2009:Detuning and Field control of CW Superconducting Cavities at HoBiCaT link
  • LLRF 2011: CW Measurement of TESLA and SC Gun Cavities with the Cornell LLRF System at HoBiCaT link
  • IPAC 2010: CW Adaptation of TESLA technology in HoBiCaT link
  • IPAC 2011: First Characterization of a Fully Superconducting RF Photoinjector Cavity link
  • IPAC 2011: First Considerations Concerning an Optimized Cavity Design for the Main Linac of BERLinPro (Verbundforschung) link
  • IPAC 2012: Status of the BERLinPro Energy Recovery Linac Project link
  • IPAC 2012: Impact of Trapped Flux and Thermal Gradients on the SRF Cavity Quality Factor link
  • IPAC 2013: SRF Photoinjector Cavity for BERLinPro link
  • IPAC 2013: RF Measurements of the 1.6 Cell Lead/Niobium Photoinjector in HoBiCaT link
  • IPAC 2013: Studies of Systematic Flux Expulsion in Superconducting Niobium link
  • IPAC 2013: Talk  link
  • IPAC 2013: Pathway to a Post Processing Increase in Q0 of SRF Cavities link
  • ICAP 2012: Status of the HOM Calculations for the BERLinPro Main Linac Cavity (Verbundforschung) link
  • HOMSC12: Cavity design and HOM damping strategies for the BERLinPro ERL project link (slides)


  • "Adapting TESLA technology for future CW light sources using HoBiCaT", published in REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 81, 074701 (2010)
  • "Analysis and active compensation of microphonics in continuous wave narrow-bandwidth superconducting cavities", Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 13, 082001 (2010), 15 pages
  • "Trapped magnetic flux in superconducting niobium samples", Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 15, 062001 (2012), 6 pages
  • "Impact of cool-down conditions at Tc on the superconducting rf cavity quality factor", Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 16, 102002 (2013), 8 pages DOI-link


Abgeschlossene Bachelor-, Master-, und Diplomarbeiten

  • Investigation of trapped flux in superconducting Niobium samples (Diplom , 2011)
  • FPGA-basierte Simulation eines supraleitenden Beschleunigerresonators (Bachelor, 2010)
  • Über den Einfluss externer Magnetfelder auf den HF-Oberflächenwiderstand supraleitender Beschleunigerresonatoren (Bachelor, 2010)

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