Fragment-screening (FS) is a popular approach to identify the binding of small organic molecules (fragments) to protein targets. This may be done to elucidate the function of a protein or to identify chemical structures, which may be developed into inhibitors. At the HZB, we have developed and assembled a 96-compound library, which we make available to our beamline users.

Many methods can be utilized to conduct a FS campaign and many strategies have been devised over time. Probably the most suitable method of all is X-ray crystallography. Crystallography is not only able to identify very weakly binding fragments (with binding constants in the mM range), it also provides information on where and how the fragments bind to the protein.

At the HZB we have assembled a fragment library of 96 compounds, which is made available for fragment screening campaigns. In addition to the library, expert technical assistance to set up the experiment including data collection and help with the analysis of the data sets will be provided. In order to conduct a FS campaign, it is important to familiarize yourself with the workflow and the requirements.

At present, a fragment-screening campaign using the HZB fragment library requires the signing of a collaboration contract. For further information please contact Dr. Manfred Weiss.