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Mail-In-Service and Remote Access

Mail-In-Service and Remote Access

Dear friends and colleagues,

In weeks 47/48 and 49/50 2020, respectively, we are offering to rounds of Mail-In-Service for beamlines 14.1 and 14.2 and Remote Access for beamline 14.1.

Since we have made significant progress concerning remote access on BL14.1 we would like to offer you the chance to collect your data yourself on BL14.1. with an HZB-MX scientist sitting at the beamline in case of problems.

Since there is only a limited number of slots, which we can support, I would like you to indicate the following:

- weeks 47/48 or weeks 49/50
- remote/mail-in data collection on BL14.1 or mail-in data colletion on BL14.2
  (please choose remote only if you can guarantee the requirements)
- project number

In any case, the maximum number of samples will be limited to 50.

Please let me know if you are interested, by sending an email to Manfred Weiss. I will then
fill the slots as your requests come in.

All the best
Manfred on behalf of the HZB-MX team

Procedure for the Mail-In-Service and Remote-Access:

1.  Talk to your colleagues to find out the current needs of the group.
2. Notify the HZB-MX Team via: msweiss@helmholtz-berlin.de to request a slot
3. once your slot is confirmed (!) start preparing your dewar.
Send 50 samples maximum in appropriate vials and SPINE pucks to:
Vials need to follow SPINE standard – please also refer to: https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/forschung/oe/np/gmx/beamlines-and-experimental-stations/probentraeger_en.html
Samples provided in other samples holders can not be used
Use the following information for shipment with TNT:
a.     The costs for standard Express will be covered by HZB, all other express options are not applicable for cost coverage. Please use the form on the TNT homepage to arrange the shipment:
All you have to do in the registration form is to select that the recipient pays all costs. The mandatory fields are marked with an "asterisk". It is not necessary to enter a customer number.
It is important that the address or name is correctly and completely stated on the shipment.
In order to make the assignment transparent on both the delivery and the invoice page, the user should enter the following information when sending the item: Ref. CO600543/Dr. Weiss
    iv.     Furthermore, the user has the possibility to enter one or more email addresses during registration.
Enter the email address mx-dewars@helmholtz-berlin.de, so that we are informed about the arrival of the shipment.
If shipments get stuck somewhere at customs, you can of course contact us.
Register the shipment on our home page: https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/forschung/oe/np/gmx/dewar-shipping-new/index_en.html
Prepare your samples in SPINE pucks and prepare them for pickup.
NOTE: Only sample following the standards can be used for data collection. All sample note following these specs can not be used for data collection. Please refer to: https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/forschung/oe/np/gmx/beamlines-and-experimental-stations/probentraeger_en.html
Prepare a as detailed as possible data sheet. Please use the sheet attached and attach personal notes as well.
Attach a hard copy of your data sheets to the dewar box and ideally email them in advance to HZB-MX staff. This allows question to be discussed well in advance and helps to maximize your project success.
Also add a well-protected hard disk to the shipped dewar. This hard disk will be used to backup your collected data files. Please note that only NTFS formatted disk can be used in the safe backup mode at BESSY. Further information can be found here: https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/forschung/oe/np/gmx/beamlines-and-experimental-stations/data-handling_en.html
After data collection you will be asked to schedule your dewar shipping. Please also use the online form provided on the HZB-MX homepage (s. above).
12.  For Mail-In-Service:
It would be good that somebody from your group is available by phone during your data collection slot, so that questions can be clarified. You can also reach us during your data collection time on our beamline phone number: +49(0)30-8062-13432. 

The hard- and software requirements requirements for Remote-Access on your side are:

- A recent NoMachine client installation on any operation system (linux, Windows, MacOS)
- A stable network connection with >20 Mbit download and 5 Mbit upload speed
- One or better two 24-27’’ monitors for displaying three separate NoMachine
   connections to the MXCuBE session, MD2-control and data processing
- Computer mouse connected to the machine
- USB-harddrive sent along with your samples for data backup