Structure of the month - January 2008


Figure 1. Established oligomer structures. The mutations were introduced to produce symmetric associations and are marked by purple spheres. (A) Crystal structure of C2-symmetric urocanase (Uro) showing the twofold molecular symmetry axis (red) and four local twofold axes. (B) D4-symmetric octameric association of L-Rhamnulose-1- phosphate aldolase (Rua). (C) D8-symmetric association of two rim-domain fragments of mycobacterial porin (Myp). The positions of the 52-residue deletions are marked by red spheres. (D) Negatively stained electron micrograph of multimeric Rua showing the fiber association yielded by combination of two obtained interfaces. The scale is given by a black bar with the dimension of 100 nm x 10 nm.


Table 1. X-ray data collection and refinement statistics of the designed oligomer structures. The numbers in parenthesis apply to the last shell.