Structure of the month - March 2007


Figure 1. The four AtRAC7 molecules in the asymmetric unit. GDP is shown with stick representation and Mg is shown as a green sphere.


Figure 2. The overall structure of AtRAC7 (residues 1 to 181, molecule B) bound to GDP and Mg (green sphere). α1 denotes the insert helix, with the 310 (η1) helix at the beginning of the insert region also indicated.


Table 1. X-ray data collection and refinement statistics.
Numbers in parenthesis are for the resolution shell 1.88–1.78 Å.
Rmerge=(∑hi|Ii(h)-I(h)>|)/(∑hiI(h)), where Ii(h) is the ith measurement of reflection h and I(h)> is the weighted mean of all measurements of h.
 Estimated overall coordinate error from REFMAC5 based on maximum likelihood.