Structure of the month

Figure 1. 

(a) Active Rhodopsin structures of Meta II and Meta II in complex with a Gα fragment. Side view of cartoon model of Meta II and Meta II–GαCT2, that is, Meta II in complex with an 11-amino-acid C-terminal peptide derived from the transducin Gα subunit, representing the key binding site on the heterotrimeric G protein. In Meta II, the agonist all-trans-retinal (shown as blue spheres) is covalently linked to Lys 296. The G-protein-interacting conformation of Meta II (right panel) is identified by the bound Gα fragment (shown in purple).

(b) Retinal binding pocket of Meta II.  All-trans-retinal and neighbouring residues shown as stick model for Meta II (orange) with 2Fo-Fc electron density map contoured at 1.0σ (grey mesh). Retinal is shown as blue stick model.

Table 1. Diffraction data and refinement statistics. Values in parantheses are for highest resolution shell.