Structure of the month - November 2015

Fig. 1. Crystal structure of the full-length human Aquarius in complex with AMPPNP.
(left) Cartoon representation of Aquarius containing a central RNA helicase core (RecA1, RecA2, the stalk and the β-barrel) and unique accessory domains (ARM, the thumb and the pointer). AMPPNP is represented in black sticks.
(right) The binding pocket for AMPPNP (colored sticks) formed by RecA1 (beige) and RecA2 (pink). Polar contacts (dashed lines) are formed between AMPPNP-Mg2+ and conserved residues: lysine (K829), threonine (T830) and glutamine (Q806). Magnesium ion is indicated as a green sphere. The electron density map (2Fo – Fc, gray) covering AMPPNP-Mg2+ is contoured at the 1.7σ level.

 Table 1.