Microscopy: Projects and Collaborations

Actual projects and collaborations:

  • Joint research group "X-Ray Microscopy":
    This joint research group was founded to foster and to strengthen the connection to the biological research being done at the university.
    The cooperation partner is from the Freie Universität Berlin,Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy - Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, namely: Ewers Group - Membrane Biochemistry
  • Röntgen-Ångström-Cluster:
    Research project: Nano-3D-X-Ray (2016-2019)
    Towards 10-nm-resolution 3D biological soft X-ray imaging
    together with Hans Hertz, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Participation in SALSA,  School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof
  • Participation in the Joint Laboratory for Structural Research (JLSR)
  • Collaboration with the Dresden Nanoanalysis Cluster

Past projects and collaborations:

  • Participation in the BioStruct-X project
  • Participation in COST action (MP0901):
    Designing novel materials for nanodevices: From Theory to Practice (NanoTP)
  • Research project together with the National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda: “X-ray nano-tomography of higher order chromatin structure in a transcriptionally active domain”, Human Frontier Science Program.
  • "Verbundprojekt: Labor-Röntgenmikroskop (L-TXM) – Teilvorhaben Zonenplattenoptiken für das Labor-Röntgenmikroskop", BMBF
  • Joint Research Activity (JRA) within the EU FP7 I3 Program ELISA (European Light Sources Activities):
    "NanoFocusing Optics for X-rays (NanoFOX)".
    This is a continuation of  the FP6 project "Microfocusing Devices".   

  • Collaboration with Global Foundries (formerly: AMD) in Dresden on electromigration and stress-induced migration in advanced microprocessors