Department Sample Environment

Sample environment plays a crucial role for most beam line based experiments. The main task of our working group is the control of the physical parameters at the sample position like temperature, magnetic or electric field or pressure. In addition we offer in-situ preparation of the sample by for example gas adsorption or chemical reactions as well as complementary in-situ measurements. 

The sample environment group (NP-ASE) supports the beam line experiments both at BESSY II and BER II.

all magnets

Suite of cryomagnets for neutron scattering at BER-II.

BESSY II - Support 

At the synchroton light source BESSY-II most sample environment equipment is firmly integrated in the experimental stations. The sample environment group supports the beamlines and the users during development and construction of novel sample evironment components. For for an increasing number of beamlines we offer specialized sample environment equipment in combination with direct user service.

BER II - Support

At the neutron source BER II a broad range of modular equipment is available to provide different sample environments for neutron scattering experiments with a wide temperature range, T = 30 mK - 2000 K, with variable magnetic fields up to H = 17 Tesla and with pressure up to p = 10 kbar. The components are mutually compatible and can be used on most of the instruments both in the experimental and the neutron guide hall (see table of specification for limited ranges with combined equipment)

Complementary Laboratories

Additional to the sample environment provided for neutron and x-ray scattering the sample environment group runs different laboratories for complementary sample characterization and preparation. These laboratories are run in collaboration with the Institute for Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials (LaMMB - MagLab) and the Institute of Soft Matter and Functional Materials (DEGAS - GasLab).