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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research

Research Topics on Ultrafast Magnetism

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Here we follow a novel line of research that aims at manipulating and controlling the magnetic order on the ultimate fast timescales pertinent to exchange interaction. In particular, we investigate magnetization dynamics on systems governed by exchange interaction of different types and strengths like heterogeneous alloys or exchange-coupled systems.

Time-resolved X-ray magnetic dichroism in reflection geometry

So far the majority of the time-resolved XMCD investigations at the Femtoslicing facility were performed in transmission geometry. Although this approach proved to be very powerful, it puts, however, some constrains on the geometry and thickness of the samples to be used. To enlarge the spectrum of samples that can be investigated to, for instance, bulk single-crystals or epitaxially-grown samples on thick substrates we have recently extended our experimental capabilities to reflection geometry. As model systems we investigate the transient magnetization dynamics on magnetic oxides and thin ferromagnetic metallic samples using time-resolved XMCD in reflection geometry.