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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research


The aim of the nanoFilmXAS project is to perform time- and angular-resolved X-ray Absorption (XAS) and Photoelectron Spectrosocpy (PES) on “Nanoflat Jets”, i.e. films of liquids in vacuum with thicknesses from below to several µm.
We aim at elucidating the chemical bonding in intermediate (transient, dark) states of several chemical compounds in solution. The “Nanoflat Jet” will enable in particular studying radiation-sensitive samples and the isomerisation reactions of azocompounds with x-ray absorption spectroscopy in transmission mode. Furthermore, of particular interest are hydrogen-bonding and structure in water and aqueous solutions. Here, an unprecedented investigation of the orientation of molecules and the anisotropy of chemical bonding at the liquid-vacuum interface and their role for the physicochemical properties of the solution will become possible. This will be enabled by angular-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy in partial electron yield mode for enhanced surface sensitivity (similar to angle-dependent NEXAFS studies of molecules on surfaces) and angular-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy where the “Nanoflat Jet” provides the essential well-defined flat surface for a well-defined geometry between incident x-ray radiation angle and polarization and photoelectron emission.

“nanoFilmXAS” is complementary to flexRIXS for resonant inelastic soft x-ray scattering (RIXS) on liquid (flexRIXS) jets and LiquidJetPhotoemisison for photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) of liquid jets (Links to instruments).