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Department Dynamics and Transport in Quantum Materials

Software designed for the PEAXIS Instrument

Summary of the PEAXIS software.

The following software packages are being developed by the instrument staff working at the PEAXIS instrument. As the time goes on, more software will be available for download. If you need access to a software package that is not ready to be officially released, please contact the PEAXIS Instrument Scientists. All the software packages that have already been made available here are licensed under GPL v3, and the source code is available for download.

ADLER → Augmented Data Loading, Evaluation and Reduction. This software package has been designed to speed up the typical data reduction process on PEAXIS. The binary data files can be loaded, corrected and converted into 1D profiles. Follow the links to download:

SampleMapper → This program extracts useful information out of a photo of the sample installed on the sample manipulator. Combined with the instrument parameters, the photo can be used to create a map of the sample on the holder, and to calculate the beam position on the sample from the motor positions saved in the PEAXIS log files.

ORDER → This program helps the users find the correct sample orientation, and calculates the coordinates in the reciprocal space. The links: user guide, source code, a pre-built executable for Windows.


Additionally, PEAXIS uses software tools that are not provided for download, since they were designed to be used on the PEAXIS instrument from the start, and most likely are adjusted to the specific conditions on the instrument too strongly to be useful anywhere else.

LOGRUS: LOw-level GRaphical User Service. This is a prototype GUI to the instrument. It can access the instrument parameters, visualise the sample in 3D space, and send commands to the instrument control software. In the long run, it is meant to make it easier for the new users to operate PEAXIS, without them having to learn a wide spectrum of abbreviated text commands.