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Department Dynamics and Transport in Quantum Materials


Joint VITESS and McStas Workshop 2013

The workshop took place in Berlin 18 – 20 August 2013. It addressed not only to beginners, but also to advanced users of the simulation packages:On the first day, the simulation packages VITESS and McStas were introduced and a simple powder diffractometer simulated by the participants. On the second day, advanced and new features of the packages were presented. On the third (and last) day, some participants used the opportunity to present their simulation work. Workshop material is available at 2013.essworkshop.org.


Neutron Instrument Design School

The ESS workshop "Neutron Instrument Design School" was held in Lilla Vik, Vik, Sweden 7 -17 June 2011. During the first week different types of neutron scattering instruments were presented. In the second week, the simulation packages McStas and VITESS were presented and used by the participants for hands-on exercises in simulating (parts of) neutron scattering instruments.

See http://www.essworkshop.org for various kinds of workshop materials: power point presentation and videos of the talks, tutorials of the simulation exercises, etc.


McStas / VITESS user training workshop 2010

This workshop took place at Backafallsbyn in the Swedish island of Ven, May 17th-21st. The workshop is meant to train technical staff and instrument scientists in using Monte-Carlo code to design better neutron devices and instruments. The programme is split into sessions dedicated to different parts (optics, sample environment, detectors, ...). If you work in one of these areas, and feel like simulating it, then this school is for you, especially if you've never done so before. Generous support has from our sponsors ESS Scandinavia, NMI3 / FP7, Risø DTU has made it possible to offer sponsored lodging and participation for up to 25 people. Material presented in this school can be found here.