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Version 2.5 (09 July 2015):

major changes:

  • Auger recombination according to Richter et al.
  • intra-band and Schottky barrier tunneling through spikes in the conduction and valence bands at interfaces
  • additional charge transport path through trap-assisted tunneling in high electric field regions of bulk materials (Hurkx model)

additional/minor changes:

  • new help file system (compatible with Windows 7)
  • new default AM1.5 spectrum: "ASTM G173-03 Reference Spectra Derived from SMARTS v. 2.9.2"
  • default solver: SparLin
  • n_optical=1 as default

minor minor changes:

  • new default parameters for 1D model

Version 2.4.1:

  • calculation of I-V curves according to 1-diode model
  • Optics: Lambert-Beer Absorption with multiple passes through the layer stack
  • Auger recombination: according to Altermatt; according to Kerr/Cuevas
  • functional dependance of the electrical layer properties (linear, gaussian, error function, exponential)
  • Boundary modelling: ideal electron- / hole-contact; insulator boundary