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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Why is AFORS-HET not working on my computer?

AFORS-HET works on Windows machines only. When using AFORS-HET on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 machines, administrator privileges are needed (right click on the AFORS-HET icon on your desktop, than select: "execute as administrator"). If you do not have administrator privileges please install AFORS-HET into your "My Documents"-Folder.

2) Why are some buttons, e.g. for simulating measurements, disabled/greyed out?

AFORS-HET 2.5 is fully functional and all buttons are active but you have to define a structure and select a suitable calculation mode (EQ, DC, AC, transient) first.

3) Are there any other versions of AFORS-HET, which e.g. have 2D functionality?

We do only support/supply AFORS-HET Version 2.5. There are no versions of AFORS-HET with 2D functionality.

4) Where can I find an up to date AFORS-HET bug list?

Here: http://www.assembla.com/spaces/afors/tickets .

In case you find a new bug please report it to: AFORS-HET@helmholtz-berlin.de

5) Can I get access to the AFORS-HET source code?

Sorry, but the AFORS-HET source code is not freely available anymore.

6) Why do I sometimes get “CONVERGENCY PROBLEMS”, while running the program or after loading some special structures?

The program needs good “initial values for calculation” in order to find the true numerical solution of a problem. If you define or load a new structure, an internal routine calculates “initial values for calculation”. If you operate the program, the solution of the last calculation is used as “initial values for calculation” for the next calculation. For example if you turn on the illumination after loading a structure, the solution in the dark (the equilibrium EQ solution) will be used as “initial values for calculation” for the illuminated structure. If external parameters are changed, the program might encounter “CONVERGENCY PROBLEMS” (e.g. if you increase the illumination level in one step from zero to a very high value). This can be avoided by changing the external parameters gradually (e.g. step by step to higher and higher illumination levels). If the program converges the solution can be saved as “initial values for calculation” for later calculations. Such “initial values for calculation” can be saved and loaded in the AFORS-HET main window. “Initial values for calculation” you have saved, can also be assigned to a structure file in the AFORS-HET “define structure” window.

7) Where can I get help in case my question has not been answered in this FAQ?

Please press the F1 key while the relevant AFORS-HET window is open or check the “Documentation”-folder in the AFORS-HET installation directory for helpful documents. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact: AFORS-HET@helmholtz-berlin.de.