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Screen 1: Main window

Main window: definition of structure, calculation mode, external parameters and measurements

Screen 2: Defining a solar cell

Defining a solar cell: arbitrary sequence of semi conducting layers and interfaces

Screen 3: Spectra window

Spectra window: visualisation of spectral quantities used in the simulation

Screen 4: Results window

Results window: visualisation of internal call results

Screen 5: Results window

Results window: compact information on all parameters used in the calculation

Screen 6: Definition of measurements

Definition of measurements: example of DC measurements (current-voltage / quantum efficiency)

Screen 7: Measurement window(DC)

Measurement window: example of DC measurement (current voltage / quantum efficiency)

Screen 8: Measurement window(AC)

Measurement window: example of AC measurements (capacitance-temperature)

Screen 9: Measurement window(TR)

Measurement window: example of TR measurements (voltage switch, transient electroluminescence)

Screen 10: Definition of Variations

Definition of Variations: parameter variations / multi dimensional parameter fitting

Screen 11: Variation window

Variation window: example of parameter variation (influence of temperature on IV)