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Institute Silicon Photovoltaics

Hetero-junction solar cells based on a-Si:H / c-Si (HETSI)

EU-Projekt (2008- 2011)

Within the HETSIHetero-junction solar cells based on a-Si:H / c-Si ) project, funded by the European Union in its 7th framework program under grant no. 211821, the use of amorphous/crystalline (a‑Si:H/c‑Si) heterojunctions for wafer-based high-efficiency solar cells is investigated. The heterojunction concept is a promising option to reach very high efficiencies and high throughput for wafer based crystalline silicon technology. Main objectives are to reach up to 21% power conversion efficiency on large area monocrystalline silicon thin wafers and to be able to develop a suitable cell and module process at the industrial level. Another important objective is to prove that this technology can be cost effective. Finally a long term concept is evaluated with an innovative structure that uses a‑Si:H/c‑Si heterojunctions for rear contact cells.