Renewable Energies (RE)

The Helmholtz Renewable Energy Progamme (RE) is one of seven Programmes in the comprehensive Helmholtz research area of Energy. The Helmholtz Centres conduct research into technological areas with which solar energy, wind power, bio-mass, and geothermal energy can be converted into flexible, usable forms of energy, such as electrical power and combustible gas. The mission: develop a means of utilising renewable energy sources more efficiently, flexibly, and sustainably. These sources can only deliver dependable baseline power jointly; therefore, the researchers have to find ways to make them synergistic and complementary. HZB participates in two of the six research topics: “next-generation solar cells” to more efficiently convert sunlight into electrical energy by developing material systems including thin-film stacks and 3D micro- and nanotopologies; and “solar fuels” to create storable fuels with the help of solar energy. The activities of the technologically oriented RE Programme are closely tied to the Energy, Materials, and Resources Programme (EMR).