Solar Fuels

Within this topic, the centres are working on different routes to produce chemical fuels with sunlight, such as thermochemical, photoelectrochemical, and biological routes. Efforts at HZB focus on the photoelectrochemical route, using competences and synergies in the area of thin film photovoltaics and catalysis. Hybrid photovoltaic/photoelectrochemical devices are being developed that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight. This requires new materials that combine efficient light absorption with high catalytic activity and excellent chemical stability.

Research goal

To develop materials and device technologies for economically viable production of solar fuels


Preparation tools: e.g. PVD, (PE)CVD, ALD, sputtering; advanced analytics, electrochemistry, solid state chemistry of absorber and catalyst materials


  • EMIL at BESSY II (Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory)
  • Competence Centre Photovoltaics Berlin (PVcomB)

Contributions of HZB organisational units