Methods and concepts for material development

Energy materials have to be able to withstand extreme stresses and perform their function both reliably and maximally efficient over extended periods of time. For production of new kinds of materials with the desired properties, elaborate atomic-scale simulations and measuring processes are essential.

HZB experts are studying physical processes that limit the efficiency and stability of solar cells, photocatalytic building elements, and materials for thermoelectric energy generation. The new EMIL lab facility at BESSY II will allow for observation of thin film growth without vacuum interference. This way, building elements will be able to be developed at a much faster rate.

Research goal

To develop new kinds of solar material and coating systems.


Comprehensive analytics, including EPR spectroscopy in the MHz to THz range (both in the lab and at BESSY II)


  • BER II: Neutron scattering and tomography

Contributions of HZB organisational units