In-house research on structure, dynamics and function of matter at large-scale facilities

For this research area, the centres are pooling their in-house research that they are conducting with the aid of their large-scale facilities.

The HZB is involved in the research areas of  “Quantum Condensed Matter: Magnetism, Superconductivity, and beyond”, “Materials and Processes for Energy and Transport Technologies”, “Nanoscience and Materials for Information Technologies”, as well as “Soft Matter, Health and Life Sciences.”

Using the instruments that are available at the BER II neutron source and the BESSY II synchrotron source, complex processes can be observed at high temporal and spatial resolutions even under extreme conditions of pressure, temperature, and magnetic fields.

Research goal

To identify new classes of materials and develop a fundamental understanding of how they function - especially with respect to resource and energy-efficient technologies and to optimise measuring instruments and methods.


Microscopy, small-angle scattering (SAS), diffraction and spectroscopy with photons and neutrons, materials synthesis, theory and simulation of complex structures