Quantum condensed matter: magnetism, superconductivity and beyond

Some of the spectacular properties of solids like complex magnetic order or superconductivity are due to electronic correlations. They are characterised by various competing interactions, for example in low-dimensional materials and multiferroic nanostructures. These classes of materials may be relevant for future technologies like spintronics.

Research goal

To characterise new physical properties on every relevant time, length, and energy scale and to continuously develop instruments and methods needed for this characterisation.


Use of polarised neutrons and photons; analysis of samples under extreme conditions.


  • BER II: neutron scattering, high field magnet >25 T with instrument
    EXED, 4D time-of-flight spectrometer NEAT
  • BESSY II: X-ray spectroscopy and scattering (ARPES, RIXS, VEKMAG), FEMTOSPEX slicing facility

Contributions of HZB organisational units: