Materials and processes for energy and transport technologies

This research theme is closely connected with other programmes in the research areas of “Matter” and of “Energy” via its interdisciplinary activities.

HZB activities focus on chemical and optically induced processes that are of fundamental importance for catalysts as well as for energy storage and conversion. Of particular interest are the dynamics of charge carriers and the question of how chemical bonds form and break – all of which are processes that take place very quickly. The instruments at the large-scale facilities will be further adapted in order to observe these processes and trace structures that span only a few nanometres.

Research goal

Acquire fundamental insights into high-performance materials for solar energy and photo- and electrochemical processes as well as into classes of materials for energy conversion and storage.


High-resolution spectroscopy

Research facility

BESSY II: Photoelectron spectroscopy, RIXS, EXAFS/XANES, HHG

Contributions of HZB organisational units: