Nanoscience and materials for information technologies

In the field of nanoscience, the centres address the extraordinary physical and chemical properties that differentiate nanostructures from micro- and macrostructures. Scientists are investigating fundamental properties and processes of nanostructures down to the sub-nano realm by means of cutting-edge spatial and temporal resolution techniques. These have immediate importance for information technology.

HZB scientists are developing nano-optical materials, photonic crystalline fibres, and 3D XUV optical systems consisting of nanostructures. These materials are being adapted so as to function with unprecedented precision.

Research goal

To improve instrument resolutions and extend physical limits in the field of imaging methods, spectroscopy and scattering methods, also for investigation of ultra-fast dynamics in in-situ studies.


XUV Optics, Metrology, Nanotechnology

Research facility

BESSY II: Optic, MySpot, Nanolaboratory

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