Soft matter, health and life sciences

QT Structural Biology / QV Medicine and Technology – Adaptive Systems

The focus of the research theme is on polymers, organic nanostructures, and biomolecules that perform multiple complex functions in solution, thin films, glasses, and biological systems. Parameters that influence these functions are investigated.

HZB groups make polymer films, complex fluids, and colloidal systems (soft matter) with specific functionalities available and identify their foundations in their atomic structures. In addition, they are studying biological macromolecules, biological membranes, subcellular components, and whole organisms.

Research goal
To use large-scale equipment and specifically develop instrumentation in order to examine crystalline and non-crystalline samples.

Synthesis of complex structures; X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy; ex-situ, in-situ, in-vitro, and in-vivo structural and functional characterization


  • BESSY II: X-ray microscopy and microspectroscopy; macromolecular X-ray crystallography (MX); photoelectron and X-ray spectroscopy (LiXedrom/Liquidrom); ASAXS

Contributions of HZB organisational units: