Neutrons for research on condensed matter

Neutron guide hall

The neutron source BER II delivers both cold and thermal neutrons for use in research. Laboratory infrastructure, highly specialized sample environments, and expert scientific support are available to both individual researchers and a global user community.

In-house research at BER II focuses increasingly on materials for energy conversion or future information technologies.


After an evaluation in 2013, BER II offers its ten internationally most competitive instruments to the user community, including EXED/HFM and NEAT II (beginning in 2015), powerful diffractometers, as well as instruments for high-resolution neutron spectroscopy.

User operation

Each year, approx. 4,000 hours of user operations, 200 measuring guests, and 100 publications. BER II is used by the Helmholtz programs MML, SCI, EMR, FIT, and various cross-programme activities.


BER II will be used scientifically through December 31, 2019.

Contributions of HZB organisational units

Operation BER II