Unified processes and components for current and new experimental setups

Experiment Control and Data Acquisition: Research on matter with brilliant light sources

The department experiment control and data acquisition offers development, coordination and maintenance service to all scientific HZB units at both sites. Users are supported in planning and specifying the experimental systems with respect to device control software and data capturing. This goes for wide-ranging systems from small laboratory equipment to complex instrument setups at the large scale facilities, from motor control to measurement and detector devices.

Due to the demand of reliable instrument operation "Experiment Control and Data Acquisition (IT-ED)" staff develops unified processes and components for current and new experimental setups. The first priority is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage system. Experiment control systems are therefore composed of self-developed and commercial electronics and software parts, according to the specific requirements.

A system for a transparent, secure and easy-to-manage acces to experimental data is provided. The users are supported in storing experimental data according to the data policy. Our approach is a standardized workflow even across different facilities. All metadata catalogue development work is therefore done within collaboration framework efforts.

The system development is characterized by a close collaboration with the scientists and all relevant infrastructure departments. The activities of IT-ED are linked with national and international collaborations. To fulfill future requirements these collaborations will be strengthened.