Accelerator research and development

HZB research focusses on the radiation dynamics of new accelerator designs, their necessary analysis, and new radiofrequency cavities. Using these cavities from superconducting HF (SRF) systems, it is possible to generate extremely short high-intensity light pulses. These are needed for the future-oriented BESSY-VSR and bERLinPro projects. Storage rings like BESSY II  permit the generation of an almost arbitrary sequence of both short and long pulses - a variable fill pattern.

HZB experts are also developing designs for generating ultrashort electron packets that can be used to produce light pulses in the pico- and femtosecond range.

Research goal

Development of new, more effective accelerator technologies and designs: storage rings, superconducting cavities, and short light pulses for greater temporal resolution.


HoBiCaT test facility for superconducting cavities

Research facilities

  • BESSY II: instrumentation, undulator systems
  • bERLinPro, Energy Recovery Linac prototype (beginning in 2017)

Contributions of HZB organisational units