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40 years synchrotron light in Berlin

Many discoveries - from fundamental insights to finished products - are based on research with synchrotron light. 40 years ago, the electron storage ring BESSY I went into operation in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, providing this intense light for many researchers. Since then, this has inspired many scientific disciplines. Today, the successor source BESSY II is an advantage for Germany.  > More about 40 years of research with synchrotron light

BESSY II banner

Artistic photograph from the BESSY II tunnel. Here the electrons are brought on a specific path and are accelerated. >Read more

BESSY II in Berlin-Adlershof

BESSY II is a third-generation synchrotron that generates extremely brilliant light. Researchers from all over the world can use the synchrotron light for their experiments. > Learn more about how BESSY II works

In nearly 20 minutes you can explore BESSY II and the research done there.


Find out more about BESSY II

The various research done at BESSY II

research topics

At almost 50 stations, researchers can examine a wide variety of samples, for example solar cells, materials for solar hydrogen production and quantum materials. Proteins for the development of new drugs, meteorites and archaeological finds can also be studied with the synchrotron light from BESSY II.
> More details about all the research fields

Science with light - why and how?

The picture shows MHET molecules made of PET plastic that dock to an active site inside the MHETase and are cleaved there.

In order to optimise materials for current and future applications and to give them specific functions in a targeted way, we need fundamental knowledge: how, for example, does a physical effect in an atomic structure influence the behaviour of the material? How do electrons have to rearrange in the atom so that the material shows the desired behaviour?
With BESSY II, researchers are steadily approaching the limits of measurement and the limits of material processes. > Read more about important scientific results

Interview: „I am absolutely thrilled at how international we have become“

A. Vollmer

Light sources have been indispensable for gaining knowledge for 75 years. Facility speaker Antje Vollmer talks about international networking, a new record at the synchrotron BESSY II - and how she can tell from the research applications alone which social problems are particularly pressing at the moment. > Read the interview

Marion shares her passion for synchrotron light: #LightSourceSelfie

Marion Flatken, Light Source Selfie

In 2022, science worldwide celebrates another anniversary: "75 years of research with synchrotron light". To mark the occasion, the international collaboration Lightsources.org has produced a variety of short films "LightSourceSelfie". Marion Flatken did her doctorate at BESSY II and shares her passion for science. > Discover the article and film