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ErUm-Pro-Workshop at BESSY II ("Joint Research")

In the framework programme "Erforschung von Universum und Materie" (ErUM) of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), through the action plan "ErUM-Pro" (so far "joint research"), projects are funded to involve universities in the development of research facilites.

The next ErUm-Pro-Call in the field of "Research in condensed matter" at large scale facilities for the 2022-2025-period will be published soon, with a deadline announced for 1.11.2021.

As in the previous rounds, HZB especially encourages applications which reflect HZB strategic priorities for BESSY II.

In order to give potential applicants some feedback on their plans, we will organize an online workshop on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, from 9:00-15:00 where project ideas should be presented and discussed.

If you are planning to apply for Verbundforschung at one of the BESSY II-Instruments, please contact Esther Dudzik until the end of August.