Source: HZB

The BESSY II electron storage ring has been operating since 1998 and attracts 2000 researchers from throughout the world each year. The facility is particularly well-suited for studies needing soft and VUV X-ray emissions. This had made BESSY II an indispensable institution for the scientific community in Germany and the world for many years.

Many experts agree that the community of VUV and soft X-ray emissions users needs a new next-generation light source in the medium term. Such a photon source would complement other accelerator projects in the Helmholtz Association with respect to photon energy and experiment investigative techniques.

In order to specify the requirements for a light source of the coming generation needed for specialised research on energy material, there is an active exchange of ideas between the HZB and the users. Discussions are focussing on the photon energy of the light source, the beam quality requirements, as well as the experimental methods and specialised sample environments.

Initial actions are:

  • The HZB has successfully introduced a next-generation light source into the Helmholtz Roadmap for Large Infrastructures
  • The HZB has decided to introduce a next-generation light source as a suggestion for the next tender of the BMBF National Roadmap.
  • The HZB is conducting Foresight Workshops in order to systematically involve the user community in the BESSY III project-definition stage through workshops organised by topic. Six such workshops with very positive participation have been conducted so far:

Nevertheless, the road to BESSY III is still long. In the meantime, the accelerator experts of the HZB are working to enhance the research capabilities of BESSY II through a comprehensive upgrade (BESSY VSR). Researchers at every BESSY VSR beamline will be able to select the duration of the light pulses for every experiment – with no loss of intensity. This will be beneficial in time-series studies of energy materials, for example. The HZB will demonstrate its expertise in accelerator development through the ambitious BESSY VSR and bERLinPro (prototype linear accelerator with energy recovery) projects.

Source: Strategy Paper