Industrial Advisory Board

At the HZB, technology transfer-relevant activities have been supported since 2016 through the establishment of an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB is made up of representatives from industry and the persons responsible for technology transfer at HZB. Other external experts can be involved in the IAB if required. The business of the IAB is managed by a chairperson (industry representative) and a deputy chairperson (HZB representative). They are responsible for the organization and convening of IAB meetings, the drafting of the agenda, the drafting of a protocol, the reports in the relevant bodies and the implementation of the decisions adopted by the IAB. They are supported by the TT staff of the HZB. The IAB meets once a year. If there is particular urgency, applications may be decided by circulation procedure or by teleconference.

The tasks of the Industrial Advisory Board are:

  • Assessment of HZB technologies from an industrial perspective
  • Appraisal of technology transfer price applications
  • Appraisal of technology transfer fund applications
  • Support in market research
  • Support for technology transfer-related support measures