A to Z

PhD mailinglist

Further, there is a PhD mailinglist (the so called doclist: hzb-doclist@listserv.dfn.de), which is used for spreading news and announcing activities for PhD students. For subscribing to the doclist write an e-mail to: listserv@listserv.dfn.de  with the content (not the subject line): subscribe hzb-doclist.

PhD regular’s table

The PhD regular’s table takes place once a month at a restaurant or pub near Wannsee or Adlershof. If you subscribed to the PhD-Maillist, you will be informed about the date and location beforehand.

PhD meeting and PhD day

Once a year, a 2 or 3 day PhD meeting takes place providing the opportunity to get to know each other, for networking and offering various soft skill seminars. Moreover, the PhD spokespersons for the following year are elected.

Another PhD meeting (the so called PhD day) takes place once a year. It is used to exchange news and talk about recent developments, clarify questions and discuss problems and current issues.