Qualification offers

There is a huge variety of inhouse and external qualification offers available to HZB doctoral researchers.

In order to apply to a workshop or training please follow the process as decribed here.

Offers specifically addressed to HZB doctoral researchers are also announced via the mailing list.

Upcoming inhouse offers

26.02.2020   Dare to think outside the (scientific) box! – Introduction to Creative Problem Solving

In science and research, it is crucial to develop new and innovative theories, to change experimental styles and to make connections, which have not yet been seen by anyone else. We all have an innate ability for independent creative thinking and innovative approaches, but do we know how to uncover and use its potential?

Important information:

Please make sure that - before you apply to an external workshop - it is clarified who is covering the costs for the workshop. Costs can be covered by HZB's central qualification budget, given that a request has been made and granted (>> see information here). Alternatively, the OE must assure to cover the costs.

Engagement @HZB

There are various opportunities for HZB doctoral researchers to be involved in activities at HZB. Such as participation in:

Girl's Day

Long Night of the Sciences at HZB

HZB school lab

Please directly contact the responsible person in order to receive details about your potential participation in the events.