Contact Persons

For further questions or in case of problems, there are various people you can contact on a confidential basis:

Doctoral Researcher Representatives

The doctoral researcher representatives are elected once a year by all doctoral researchers at the retreat. We serve as contact persons for problems and issues related to your doctoral research.

Furthermore we try to represent the view of the doctoral researcher community at all possible occasions, e.g. the Scientific-Technical Council (WTR).

Also see our redmine for information on upcoming events.

In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

The best way to contact all doctoral researcher representatives of all the  German Helmholtz Centers is also by e-mail:

Doctoral Researcher Coordination

The doctoral researcher coordinator takes care of all aspects of doctoral research. She is the contact for the doctoral researchers on the one hand and for academic supervisors on the other. She acts as an interface between management and HZB bodies.