• The Israel 2020 HI-SCORE meeting will take place at the Weizmann on 19 - 21 April 2020.


  • The autumn 2019 all-hands HI-SCORE meeting is taking place at the HZB in Adlershof, Berlin from Monday to Thursday September 9-12, 2019.

Mon Sep 9: regular project meeting

Tue+Wed Sep 10/11: tutorial style talks on materials, devices, characterization methods, simulation tools

Thu Sep 12: Lab tours: deposition techniques, characterization labs

Fri-Sat Sep 13-14, 2019: Ph.D. retreat including a transferable skills course and social event


  • New article about HI-SCORE on the Germany portal "" available here.


  • The next HI-SCORE all hands meeting is taking place on 20/21 of February 2019 in Haifa, Israel. The first day of the meeting will be the HI-SCORE project meeting, whereas the second day will be the Young Scientist Retreat.


  • The kick-off meeting of the research school was taking place in Berlin on 23th April 2018. The HZB press release about the meeting can be found here.


  • The official start of HI-SCORE was February 1, 2018.