PhD students at HZB

Information for current and future PhD students at HZB. This site will provide you with all the information related to PhD at HZB and answer the most frequently asked questions. For further details please contact the PhD representatives.

PhD students are involved in all scientific work of the Helmholtz Centers and carry out a significant part of HZB's research. The final goal for doctoral candidates is to prove that they are able to do research independently and according to scientific standards.

HZB has developed a concept for supervising PhD students according to the specific needs and challenges in educating young scientists. This concept involves regulations that create a reliable and profound  supervision and offer a framework of various possibilities to gain personal key qualifications for the future professional career. This is supposed to give HZB'S PhD students every possible support to realize excellent graduations in an appropriate timeframe.

Doctoral degrees are conferred by HZBs partner universities according to their specific regulations. The University is usually chosen by the affiliation of the main supervisor.


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